3.00pm - 4.00pm


Mr Mark Koh

Chief Executive Officer,

Mawar Mustaffa.jpg

Ms Mawar Mustaffa

Global People & Organisational Development | APAC,


Encik Shaiful Zahrin Subhan

Group CEO,

IRIS Corporation Berhad

YBhg Dato’ Hamidah Naziaddin

Group Chief People Officer& CEO,

CIMB Foundation

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Mr Ezra Effendy

Deputy Executive Chairman,

Penborn Venture Capital Sdn Bhd

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Ms Nor Hazleen Madros

Head (Human Capital Development) & CEO,

PETRONAS Leadership Centre

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Ms Dilys Boey


Asean People Advisory

Services Leader,

Ernst & Young Solutions LLP

Nurturing Human Capital in the Digital Age

The most gloomy predictions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution have been about human capital. Millions of jobs will be lost due to automation. Robots will replace human labour. Artificial Intelligence means human minds will no longer be needed. But many of these estimates are too bearish.

While it is inevitable that some jobs will be lost to machines or disappear altogether as work processes change due to technological advances, new jobs will be created to either supervise the machines and algorithms or to handle the aspects of businesses that require more nuanced resolutions or responses. The digital age has also given rise to the gig economy, enabling millions of freelancers all over the world to earn a decent living without holding down a traditional job.

What is clear is that the skillsets of the workforce in the digital age will change, and technical acumen will need to be combined with creativity, collaboration, communication skills, and the ability to solve complex problems.Hence, the learning that is done in schools, colleges, and universities, as well as their delivery format, may need to be overhauled. Talent development within an organisation may require new curriculums to enable staff to upskill or reskill to cope with the new requirements of work.

This session will address these, and other issues related to the challenges of a human workforce in an increasingly digitised and automated world.